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Steph Ball, Owner Ballara Art & Lifestyle Retreat and Jasmine Swales, Discovery Workshop Program Manager

About the Discovery for Recovery Program

The Discovery for Recovery Program was developed in 2020 by the SYP Arts Development group to help support regional communities on Southern Yorke Peninsula by providing opportunities for social connection, local economic growth and cultural development though the arts.

A series of over 20 arts workshops will be available for community members and visitors to Southern Yorke Peninsula throughout 2021-2022 to discover new skills and try something different.

As well as the community benefits of the program,  at least 20 artists will be employed and some provided with valuable mentoring and skill development opportunities.

Bookings are available online at or by contacting Jasmine Swales, Discovery Workshops Project Manager at

Proudly supported by Country Arts SA through the Regional Arts Fund.

Workshop Location: Ballara Art & Lifestyle Retreat

Discovery Workshops

Posca Art

with Daniel ‘Moth’ Ross

Dates: Fri 16th April 2021 

Was $120 $60

Seaglass Jewellery

with Jasmine Swales

Dates: Sun 9th Jan 2022


Precious Metal Clay

with Cindy Durant

Dates TBA

Was $230 $130

Wire Sculpture

with Thomas Tessellaar

Dates TBA

Was $120 $60

Still Life Drawing

with Alex Burford

Dates: 3 session over 3 weeks

Was $160 $80

Pastel Waves

with Jason Swales

Date: Fri 11th March 2022

Was $95 $50

Lino Carving and Printing

with Christine McCarthy

Dates Sat 9th October 2021

Was $95 $50

Basket Weaving

with June Faulkner

Dates: 16th & 17th Oct 2021

Was $60 $30

Stone Head Sculpture

with Thomas Tessellaar

Dates TBA

Was $120 $60

Creative Journalling

with Kristin Murdoch

Dates: 3 sessions, April School Holidays 2022

Was $120 $65

Flower Rings

with Jasmine Swales

Date: Sun 23rd May

Was $170 $95

Found Object Sculpture

with Jess Donovan

Dates TBA

Was $145 $70

Rag Rugs

with Kylie Borg

Date: Friday 7th Jan 2022

Was $55 $30


with Trudie Howith

Dates: 2 sessions – Fridays 11th & 18th June 2021


Fine Art Photography

with Karen Waller 

Date: 29th May 2021

Was 130 $75

Leather Craft

with Sue Cowmeadow

Dates: 23rd – 24th October 2021

Was $180 $95

Potty Party

with Niccy Pallant

Dates TBA


Interactive Art

with Henry Jock Walker

Dates: Sat 26th  June 2021

Was $50 $25

Brush Party

with Caroline Wall

Date: 29th – 31st Oct 2021

Adults – was $75 adults $40

Kids – was $45 $25

Art Therapy 

with Bel Ryan

Dates: 1-4th June

Group Session Was $70 $35

1:1 Session Was $150 $80

Introduction to Art Therapy

with Belinda Ryan

Dates: 1st-4th June 2021

Was $699 $160

Resin Art

with Lianne Cook

Dates: 4th or 11th September 2021

Was $95 $50 

Play & The Joy of Pretending

with FRANK Theatre

Dates: April 12-15th 2021

Only $120

Gift Vouchers

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